Why Joining IFSA SAN?

One of your answers is yes? The, you should join the SAN network!

Opportunities in IFSA SAN

Networking opportunities

Enlarge your global network of professionals in forestry and related fields. Furthermore, meet old IFSA friends during alumni and networking activities.

Capacity Building

Participate in capacity-building activities, join mentorship programmes as a mentee, and be part of a life-long learning journey through SAN events and excursions.

Engage with IFSA students and alumni

Engage as a speaker, share your expertise in workshops, find future employees or simply have a chat with the future of our field at IFSA events,

Become a member

Who can become a member?

Anybody with an open mind and professional/university background in forestry or environmental fields, irrespective of age and expertise. You do not necessarily have to be an IFSA alumnus to become a SAN member, however it is welcomed.

How to become a member

Becoming a member is easy. You can sign up here by paying the annual membership fee. The fee is calculated based on your country of residence (12€ for low-income, 18€ for middle-income, 24€ for high-income countries)

1. Find your income level

EconomyIFSA SAN Membership LevelPrice (yearly)RegionIncome level (World Bank)
ArubaHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
AfghanistanLIC€12.00South AsiaLow income
AngolaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
AlbaniaMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
AndorraHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
United Arab EmiratesHIC€24.00Middle East & North AfricaHigh income
ArgentinaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
ArmeniaMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
American SamoaHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
Antigua and BarbudaHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
AustraliaHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
AustriaHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
AzerbaijanMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
BurundiLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
BelgiumHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
BeninLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Burkina FasoLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
BangladeshLIC€12.00South AsiaLower middle income
BulgariaMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
BahrainHIC€24.00Middle East & North AfricaHigh income
Bahamas, TheHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
BelarusMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
BelizeMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
BermudaHIC€24.00North AmericaHigh income
BoliviaLIC€12.00Latin America & CaribbeanLower middle income
BrazilMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
BarbadosHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
Brunei DarussalamHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
BhutanLIC€12.00South AsiaLower middle income
BotswanaMIC€18.00Sub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
Central African RepublicLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
CanadaHIC€24.00North AmericaHigh income
SwitzerlandHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Channel IslandsHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
ChileHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
ChinaMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Côte d’IvoireLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
CameroonLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Congo, Dem. Rep.LIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Congo, Rep.LIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
ColombiaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
ComorosLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Cabo VerdeLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Costa RicaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
CubaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
CuraçaoHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
Cayman IslandsHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
CyprusHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
CzechiaHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
GermanyHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
DjiboutiLIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
DominicaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
DenmarkHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Dominican RepublicMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
AlgeriaLIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
EcuadorMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
Egypt, Arab Rep.LIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
EritreaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
SpainHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
EstoniaHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
EthiopiaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
FinlandHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
FijiMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
FranceHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Faroe IslandsHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Micronesia, Fed. Sts.LIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
GabonMIC€18.00Sub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
United KingdomHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
GeorgiaMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
GhanaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
GibraltarHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
GuineaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Gambia, TheLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Guinea-BissauLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Equatorial GuineaMIC€18.00Sub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
GreeceHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
GrenadaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
GreenlandHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
GuatemalaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
GuamHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
GuyanaHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
Hong Kong SAR, ChinaHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
HondurasLIC€12.00Latin America & CaribbeanLower middle income
CroatiaHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
HaitiLIC€12.00Latin America & CaribbeanLower middle income
HungaryHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
IndonesiaMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Isle of ManHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
IndiaLIC€12.00South AsiaLower middle income
IrelandHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Iran, Islamic Rep.LIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
IraqMIC€18.00Middle East & North AfricaUpper middle income
IcelandHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
IsraelHIC€24.00Middle East & North AfricaHigh income
ItalyHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
JamaicaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
JordanLIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
JapanHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
KazakhstanMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
KenyaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Kyrgyz RepublicLIC€12.00Europe & Central AsiaLower middle income
CambodiaLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
KiribatiLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
St. Kitts and NevisHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
Korea, Rep.HIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
KuwaitHIC€24.00Middle East & North AfricaHigh income
Lao PDRLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
LebanonLIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
LiberiaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
LibyaMIC€18.00Middle East & North AfricaUpper middle income
St. LuciaMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
LiechtensteinHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Sri LankaLIC€12.00South AsiaLower middle income
LesothoLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
LithuaniaHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
LuxembourgHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
LatviaHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Macao SAR, ChinaHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
St. Martin (French part)HIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
MoroccoLIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
MonacoHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
MoldovaMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
MadagascarLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
MaldivesMIC€18.00South AsiaUpper middle income
MexicoMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
Marshall IslandsMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
North MacedoniaMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
MaliLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
MaltaHIC€24.00Middle East & North AfricaHigh income
MyanmarLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
MontenegroMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
MongoliaLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
Northern Mariana IslandsHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
MozambiqueLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
MauritaniaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
MauritiusMIC€18.00Sub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
MalawiLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
MalaysiaMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
NamibiaMIC€18.00Sub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
New CaledoniaHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
NigerLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
NigeriaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
NicaraguaLIC€12.00Latin America & CaribbeanLower middle income
NetherlandsHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
NorwayHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
NepalLIC€12.00South AsiaLower middle income
NauruHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
New ZealandHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
OmanHIC€24.00Middle East & North AfricaHigh income
PakistanLIC€12.00South AsiaLower middle income
PanamaHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
PeruMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
PhilippinesLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
PalauMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Papua New GuineaLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
PolandHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Puerto RicoHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
Korea, Dem. People's Rep.LIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLow income
PortugalHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
ParaguayMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
West Bank and GazaMIC€18.00Middle East & North AfricaUpper middle income
French PolynesiaHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
QatarHIC€24.00Middle East & North AfricaHigh income
RomaniaHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
Russian FederationMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
RwandaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Saudi ArabiaHIC€24.00Middle East & North AfricaHigh income
SudanLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
SenegalLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
SingaporeHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
Solomon IslandsLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
Sierra LeoneLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
El SalvadorMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
San MarinoHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
SomaliaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
SerbiaMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
South SudanLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
São Tomé and PríncipeLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
SurinameMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
Slovak RepublicHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
SloveniaHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
SwedenHIC€24.00Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
EswatiniLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Sint Maarten (Dutch part)HIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
SeychellesHIC€24.00Sub-Saharan AfricaHigh income
Syrian Arab RepublicLIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLow income
Turks and Caicos IslandsHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
ChadLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
TogoLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
ThailandMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
TajikistanLIC€12.00Europe & Central AsiaLower middle income
TurkmenistanMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
Timor-LesteLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
TongaMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Trinidad and TobagoHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
TunisiaLIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
TürkiyeMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
TuvaluMIC€18.00East Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Taiwan, ChinaHIC€24.00East Asia & PacificHigh income
TanzaniaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
UgandaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
UkraineLIC€12.00Europe & Central AsiaLower middle income
UruguayHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
United StatesHIC€24.00North AmericaHigh income
UzbekistanLIC€12.00Europe & Central AsiaLower middle income
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesMIC€18.00Latin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
Venezuela, RBLIC€12.00Latin America & Caribbean
British Virgin IslandsHIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
Virgin Islands (U.S.)HIC€24.00Latin America & CaribbeanHigh income
VietnamLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
VanuatuLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
SamoaLIC€12.00East Asia & PacificLower middle income
KosovoMIC€18.00Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
Yemen, Rep.LIC€12.00Middle East & North AfricaLow income
South AfricaMIC€18.00Sub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
ZambiaLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
ZimbabweLIC€12.00Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income

2. Select your level


The price for membership is €12.00 per Year.


IFSA SAN Membership for Low Income Countries


The price for membership is €18.00 per Year.


IFSA SAN Membership for Middle Income Countries


The price for membership is €24.00 per Year.


IFSA SAN Member for High Income Countries