While IFSA has a long and diverse history, the SAN was only recently established in 2017

The IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network (SAN) has the goal to connect people, institutions and Alumni of the International Forestry Students' Association (IFSA) in support of the youth in forest and environmental sciences as well as respective policy processes. A focus is given on the national and international exchange of students and their participation at events that serve their extracurricular education and policy experience. This way, the activities of IFSA shall be supported and further developed.

How the SAN structure works

The Board is responsible for the sustainable functioning of the SAN as network and supportive association. As such, it mainly deals with the administrative backstage of what you get to see.
It is internally advised by the Council.

The Alumni Network Coordinator Team (ACT) organises the IFSA Alumni that are members of the SAN and joint activities with IFSA.

Contact the Board

President: Simone Herpich
Vice-President: Melanie Schulte
Chief Financial Officer: -
Chief Secretary: Franziska Wenger

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Contact the ACT

Yağmur Bütün
Laura Hempelmann
Dan Burgar Kuželički

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Statutes and RoP

The statutes are the SAN's law. The German statutes are legally binding, the English "only" a translation. The Rules of Procedure (RoP) are the internal regularities how to act.

Download the SAN statutes and RoP