IFSA Career Dinner Series: Connecting Students with Forestry Experts

The SAN and International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) have continued the Career Dinner Series to provide a crucial platform for students to navigate the growing and competitive field of green jobs and hear from professionals about diverse career paths and opportunities.


Industries worldwide are moving towards sustainability, creating a surge in green jobs and research funding. The IFSA Career Dinner Series addresses the confusion students often face by offering interactive meetings with IFSA SAN (Supervisory Advisory Network) experts. These events help students understand career opportunities and the skills needed to succeed in forestry.


The Career Dinner Series aims to:

  • Understand Various Expertise: Help students explore different specializations within forestry and environmental fields.
  • Comprehend the Work Environment: Provide insights into the daily realities of working in the different thematic areas and professions.
  • Facilitate Direct Questions: Create a space for students to ask experts about career paths and opportunities.

Speakers from the SAN represented various forestry- and environment-related sectors and positions across the globe, e.g. from CIFOR/ICRAF, UNEP, PT Borneo Indobara (GEMS), European Forestry Institute (EFI) and South Pole. Speakers presented their current job and the path how they got there, stressing the importance of their IFSA experiences and skills they obtained through it. 

Key questions from the students centered around where to find relevant internships, how a typical work day would look like, how the IFSA involvement helped with the careers and how to enter those specific job fields besides asking for advice for youth for entering the job market. 

We thank all speakers and IFSA for participating and making these events possible. You would like to contribute to the next series as a speaker and share your experience and career path? Let us know and join us in shaping the future of forestry education, one conversation at a time. 

IFSA Career Dinner Series, showcasing its role in helping students connect with industry professionals and gain valuable career insights.