• Where does my money go to?

    1. Functioning of the SAN:
    All income first serves the functioning of the SAN, as this is the basis to sustainably support IFSA, connect its Alumni and manage its Honorary members.

    2. Forwarded to IFSA:
    Following the SAN's functioning, 50% of the rest annual budget is directly forwarded to IFSA. Here, the IFSA Board decides on what to use the money for.

    3. Alumni Network and grants:
    The final rest annual budget serves the establishment of the IFSA Alumni Network. Further, the SAN may announce grants for specific IFSA purposes.

  • What is the SAN trust fund?

    The trust fund functions as operation capital reserve for the SAN.

    In case a refund by a third party is confirmed in writing and approval by the Board, the trust fund can be used for the pre-financing of IFSA members’ expenses as confirmed by the third party. The refund goes straight to the trust fund.

  • What is the definition of an IFSA Alumnus?

    As laid out in the SAN Rules of Procedure, IFSA Alumni are formerly active members of IFSA, with an active membership in at least one past ”IFSA term“.

    With the membership registration as IFSA Alumnus, one needs to proof this status.

  • Where can I find a list of country income categories?

    For a SAN membership as IFSA Alumnus, different fees apply respectively to the country where the member is from. The applied list of country income categories can be found on the last page of the SAN Rules of Procedure.

  • Where can I find an overview of my donations/payments?

    Right here!

    In order to access sensitive data such as donation and membership fee payment details, you need to log in. This is done with an easy email verification of your identity. Therefore, you need to know what email address you processed your donation or payment with.

    First, follow this link to log in and access an overall list of your donations and payments to the SAN (only those that were processed through the forms available on the websites!).

    When logged in, go here to see and manage your recurring (membership fee) payments. You can cancel recurring payments and update your credit card information (which is not stored on our website but at the payment service provider!).

  • Where can I find the minutes of the SAN General Assemblies?

    Right here!

    As specified by our Statutes, we provide you with the minutes of our General Assemblies: Founding Assembly 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020