• Where does my money go to?

    1. Functioning of the SAN:
    All income first serves the functioning of the SAN, as this is the basis to sustainably support IFSA, connect its Alumni and manage its Honorary members.

    2. Forwarded to IFSA:
    Following the SAN's functioning, 50% of the rest annual budget is directly forwarded to IFSA. Here, the IFSA Board decides on what to use the money for.

    3. Alumni Network and grants:
    The final rest annual budget serves the establishment of the IFSA Alumni Network. Further, the SAN may announce grants for specific IFSA purposes.

  • What is the SAN trust fund?

    The trust fund functions as buffer for the SAN functioning.

    In case a refund by a third party is confirmed in writing and approval by the Board, the trust fund can be used for the pre-financing of IFSA members’ expenses as confirmed by the third party. The refund goes straight to the trust fund.