Youth are the group of people we need to empower, engage and train

The IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network (SAN) in a nutshell:

IFSA, the International Forestry Students Association,

is a non-profit association that aims to promote better education in forest and environmental sciences. Therefore, IFSA organises local, regional and international excursions, workshops and symposia where participants can learn forest and landscapes related contents, networking and cultural understanding. Furthermore, IFSA provides its members chance to visit international policy events from the forest, climate and environmental sector. Here, IFSA empowers its youth delegates to raise up the voice of the youth and experience first-hand how policy making works.

The SAN, the IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network,

is a non-profit association that aims to bring together people, institutions and IFSA Alumni to support youth in forest and environmental sciences and respective policy processes. A focus a given to the national and international exchange of knowledge and students as well as their participation at events that serve their extracurricular education and policy experience. This way, the activities of IFSA shall be supported and further developed.

The SAN by statutes has two functions:

  1. The support of IFSA, both financially, ideationally and administratively.
  2. The establishment of an IFSA Alumni Network, in order to foster contacts between IFSA and former IFSA members.

You can support IFSA through the SAN or become part of the SAN by becoming member – both as supporting member and IFSA Alumni.

  • “The great about IFSA is that one can learn how to learn by doing.”
    Jonas Geschke
    Science Officer at the University of Bern
  • “The beauty of IFSA is not in the numbers but in the diversity, in taking the learning outside of the classroom, in connecting and being together.”
    Salina Abraham
    Knowledge Sharing Specialist at the Global Landscapes Forum
  • “This is the most important honorary membership I have ever received! Because it comes from the future!”
    Marc Palahí
    Director of the European Forest Institute

So what can you do now?

Become a member of the SAN! With this, you become a backbone of the SAN functioning and sustainably support IFSA's activities. We look forward to having you with us. Continue

As an institution: Donate to the SAN or become a sponsor. You can make a decisive contribution to e.g. the successful organisation of conferences! Contact us

As IFSA Alumni: Register on the IFSA-SAN platform to actively network with the current IFSA generation and other Alumni. This is key for empowering today's youth! Continue (coming soon)